Monday, February 22, 2010

Luck of the Irish

So I have officially decided I have the greatest husband in the entire universe! I don't know how I snagged him but whether it was the Luck of the Irish or a blonde moment on his part I'm glad I have him! Because of him the last couple weeks have been especially fun. We celebrated our 6 month anniversary, Valentines Day, Had President's Day off school and a little extra time then normal this last week which was wonderful and he found a way to make everyday special and refreshing! It was so nice to have the extra time to spend with him!

Our most exciting news up to date is...we are getting a baby rabbit! He is darling and he will be old enough to take home in about a week. We are so super excited! Neither Spence or I have ever been without a pet in our lifetimes so the last few months have been strange for the both of us and after some discussion and consideration we decided this was the best option for us in our life right now. The best part is we are going to name him Stew, that way we can say this is our rabbit, Stew.....get it....ha ha ha.

Anyway, life is great and all is well! Lately I have been overwhelmed with the gratitude I have felt toward my husband, family, and Heavenly Father. They do so much for me and they have no idea how all the little things they do make such a difference in how I feel and what I'm able to accomplish so thank you to them!


  1. good to know you have a blog... it's super cute! now maybe I can be in on the news since I'm so far away

  2. cute blog! i like! i'm glad to hear my brother treats you well, it makes me happy! love ya! ;)