Friday, May 14, 2010

Summer is Finally Here

Hooray!!!! Both Spence and I finished this semester the first week of May...which means...It's officially time for summer break! We are so excited to be in the outdoors and spend all our extra free time camping, fishing, boating, taking picnics and roastin' some hot dogs and marshmallows.
So in some interesting news and updates on the family. My sister, Toshia, got her mission call this last month to Curitiba, Brazil (I don't know if I spelled that right) she is to report to the Brazil MTC on August 4th which means she will fly out on the 3rd. I'm so happy and proud of her but it will definately be a completely different world without her here, she will be missed.
Landon, my brother/cousin called for Mother's Day and he is doing great! He loves the mission and is having a wonderful time. It was good to hear his voice and know he was doing well.
We visited my grandparents in Mesquite this weekend (Spence had never met them so that was good) and they seem do be doing well.
My best bud, Janalee gets married on the 18th. Ashley, my cousin decided last minute to go to Mexico and teach english for the next 3 months. her brother, Tyson, left for his mission to Texas. Spencer's cousin, Dave, left for his mission to Finland. His other cousin, Dallan, leaves to California in the next couple of weeks. Overall the entire family is doing great and we are having fun keeping track of all of them.
In a special note I want to send a great big Thank you out to the moms in my life!!! I have truly been touched by all those wonderful women who support and love me. An extra Thank you to my mom and my mother-in-law! You are wonderful women, I love you, and I thank my Heavenly Father every day that I have such incredible examples in my life!


  1. Hey Amber! It's Vanessa, I found your blog from friends blogs. You and coons are such a cute couple, I am glad he found a great girl for him. Add me at

  2. Hey I also hear your amazing at cooking!?! if this is true, do you have any yummy dessert recipes or dinner recipes? let me know. thanks!