Friday, March 9, 2012

Catch Up!

The big rock wall we built with Dad's help of course.

Taking a Breather after moving all the boulders in

Brook Christmas morning with her new puppy, Penny.

Pheasant Hunt with Bandit and Aspen we weren't let down at all by either of them

Bandit was sleeping with the new puppy until I turned on my camera and woke him but it was cute while it lasted.

Well I can't figure out how to put these pictures where I want them so here is the explanation for all the pictures.

Wow so much has happened since I last posted there is no way I can cover it all so here are a few highlights (pictures to follow). First up, Spence graduated Academy! He has been looking for a job as an Officer but no luck yet so until then he has taken a job at a research facility as a patient liasion and the Officer job will come when it is supposed to come.

Now flashback to the summer and we will work our way up...Of course it wouldn't be summer without Sourdough, we spent lots of time up there working on our lot and it is going to be AMAZING! We built a massive rock wall this summer to hold in our fire pit and it is probably about 4 feet tall. This upcoming summer projects will be continuing the rock wall around our future screen tent area, moving the shed forward about ten feet and of course rest and relaxation. It's been lots and lots of work but it has been really fun to do the work together and we know it will be worth it in the long run. We also spent some time at Bear Lake and Coonskin Cabin. And other fun news over the summer we had niece, Kate born and she is adorable like all the others!

Fall came and with it came Spencer's favorite time of the year...hunting season. The deer hunt was crazy! Spencer did the muzzleloader hunt and only saw does so no luck there. For my hunt we went to Sourdough and we got one but it was quite the excursion to get it out. I shot right at dusk and while tracking it in the dark we were hearing some pretty crazy things and when our flashlight started going out we decided to play it safe and head back and thank heaven we did! The next morning when we found it we were shocked... it was pretty much mutilated. Once we really got to looking at the deer and around the area we found cougar sign and it all started to click...the sounds we were hearing the night before was a cougar calling and finishing off our deer and if we hadn't had turned around when we had we would have walked right into it's path and possibly been it's dessert. I'm glad we listened when we did and turned around and now it's a good story to tell. We also had the pheasant hunt which is one of our favorites because we get to watch the dogs work the fields. Bandit is a great Bird Dog! He loves it out there and does so well so between him and Aspen we were constantly getting birds up and did well.

Spence turned 24, Holidays went by faster than I ever expected and we got tons and tons of good stuff but the biggest surprise gift was definately that Brook got a puppy!!!! Her name is Penny and she is so so cute! Also this last month Landon got married, I know we were all shocked. Her name is Jessica and they are a cute couple.

Now that some of the major highlights are out just an update on life in general right now. We have a nephew on it's way in another few months. Spencer was called as second counsiler in the Elder's Quorom and I was called as Girls Camp Director. Spencer also found out he needs glasses and he does look good with them so that is good. In some really exciting news...Toshia gets home in about two and a half weeks!!!! We are so excited and have missed her so much! Overall, life is going well. I will get some more pictures posted soon but here are a few from the last few months.

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