Friday, March 9, 2012

First more pictures as promised...and second, sorry for the horrible grammar on the previous post, apparently I should have read over it before I posted it...oh well.

Graduation day! Isn't he a good looking Law Enforcement Officer!

All the dogs ready to head to the lake at Sourdough left to right: Bowzer (Shae's dog), Scout (My dog), Aspen (Toshia's dog), and Bandit (Spencer and my dog)

The infamous deer. If you look closely you can see where the cougar dragged it by the shoulder, bit it's neck and if you could see the hind quarters you would be appalled since they were eaten away but I figured I shouldn't post those pictures they are pretty nasty.

Bandit always wanting to play and Spencer always willing to keep him entertained.

Aspen watching over the old guy Scout at Sourdough. They are so cute with eachother and the older and more frail Scout gets the more gentle and protective Aspen is of him.

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