Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's About Time!

Dropping her off at the MTC
It's about time I posted something! So here are a few things that have happened in the last few months...As you can see from the above picture Toshia left for her mission on the 18th of August and has loved every minute she's been serving the Lord since. She completed her time in the MTC but her visa still hasn't come through so they sent her to the West Virginia Mission (She is currently serving in a small town called Floyd, Virginia) until her visa comes then she will head out to Brazil. She is incredible and it's so fun to hear from her but it's been strange not having her bubbly personality and constant singing around as much. I'm proud of her and glad she is out there doing what she knows she needs to do.
Hunting Season
What more fun could you have during those gorgeous fall months then to be in the mountains enjoying the great outdoors?!? That is definately exactly where we were and right where we wanted to be. Between the deer hunts, pheasant hunts and the end of our camping season we spent every minute we could in the mountains.

I Can't Believe He Used To Be This Small
compared to...

Bandit his "play with me" position

Bandit has grown LOTS! He is so cute and an absolute joy in our lives, we wouldn't trade him for anything! He is super energetic and lots of fun but that also takes lots of our time and everything we do we have to consider Bandit into the equation.
In other things, Spencer turned a great big 23 in November. He also got into police academy (HOORAY!) which we are both really excited and nervous for. He will start later this month and graduate in late May to early June but it will be an all day every day excursion until he is done so we will be extremely busy but it will be worth it in the end.
Bandit on His Homemade Christmas Present

Of course the holidays just passed and I can't go without talking about that. Sorry for lack of pictures....I forgot my camera Christmas day. For Thanksgiving of course we had mass amounts of delicious meals and pies and it was great. We stayed extremely busy through the Christmas season between all the many parties, activities, and life in general it seems like we haven't had a whole lot of free time. Christmas was amazing though, everybody spoiled us way more than we deserved and we are so grateful for everything we got and everything our family does for us. We did spend some of our Christmas and New Year's Eve at work but timing seemed to work out and we were able to visit everyone and get everything done we wanted to
so it worked out. New Year's was good we had a good day just relaxing and enjoying some time off together and with family.
I know it's impossible to get the last 6-7 months of our life in over a few paragraphs but we are doing great. Life is flying by we have our good times and our hard times (luckily few and far between) but as long as we have the Church, eachother and our amazing family we will get through anything and everything. Overall, life is wonderful and there isn't one thing we would change.

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